Intergenerational Activities

Reminiscence is a great way to connect generations.  Sharing memories that can be passed down through generations is a great way to share your family legacy. 

Sometimes it is difficult to start those conversations.  We share some of our products that are fun for the younger family members while spurring conversation between generations.  

I-Spy Busy Bottles can be passed around a room and can be played as a group activity, or a simple boredom buster for both old and young.  Use the cards to spy and identify the contents, or just spin & turn them slowly to enjoy.

Our Buttons, Beads and Bauble Sensory Bottles are based on either content or color and contain not only high-grade contents with different textures, sizes and colors, but that also make different sounds and movements as they are handled. They can be relaxing or boredom busting activities, or for an extra challenge you can use the provided card to locate items or to complete tasks such as stacking buttons or passing an item through a hoop.  

Our large print booklets are both entertaining and informative.  Our decade rewinds share the happenings and trends of each decade which are sure to start a conversation.  Our Menus and Memories Booklets share a picturesque view of items from the decades and include reminiscence questions.  They also include mock menus of the decades with prices of the day.

Bilingual Activities which are a great way for generations to learn more about another culture/language or their own, while having fun. 

Flip Books are old school fun for all ages.  Everyone is mesmerized by flipping the books backwards and forward.  It is a nice break from the electronic devices of today as well.