About Us

MEternally is who you are, where you come from, what may not be seen but is still there. We believe that connections can be made between those with dementia and those who love and care for them through pictures of things that they love and identify with. These same pictures can provide comfort and promote reminiscence. One picture in a video or a card can open a conversation and create a connection between people and the past.

The MEternally Family believes that our mix of life experiences, professional expertise and willingness to speak honestly about dementia, creates an environment where we are able to create products that are meaningful and thoughtful. Our own personal experiences with family members affected by Alzheimer's, Huntington's and Parkinson's Diseases reinforces our personal commitment to not just those with diagnosis of one of these horrific diseases but to those with other forms of dementia.

Reminiscence benefits not only those with dementia. When we tell people about our lives, we are sharing our history and our identity. By viewing photo collections we initiate conversations about our favorite things and share our life stories with others. This allows us to reflect on the things and people in our present and past. By doing so we are preserving and sharing our history and reflecting on our worth and the importance of our own existence.

Our logo represents the "Forget Me Not" flower which has a rich history of remembrance and love. Blue is the most common color of this flower. It is dainty in size and features but is poisonous if eaten. To us the poison is dementia and the the beauty is of the remembrance which brings us joy.

Our company is nestled in the Root River Valley of Southeastern Minnesota, just outside of the City of Houston (population just under 1,000). As a small business we pride ourselves on being family run with the majority of our ownership in the hands of veteran and female employees.


Sally has been a technology professional since 1986 and has over 20 years of hands on technology support in care facility support. She is an entrepreneur, innovator, and veteran with a lifetime of experience with dementing illnesses through first contact. 

Nathan has a degree in business administration while lending his hands on customer service and retail expertise to MEternally. He is a problem solver and experienced with e-Commerce support with Disney and as a Social media Assistant with the NFL.
Kay handles the financial and tax aspects of MEternally and has over 30 years of financial experience. She has degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. She spent many years as care partner of her mother who had Huntington's Disease.
Mary carries a Masters Degree in Community Health Nursing & Education and has over 26 yrs of Geriatric nursing experience. She is a professional educator and has years of experience with Mother and Grandmother who had Alzheimers & Huntington's diseases.


Brian handles the logistics of trade shows, shipping, warehousing as well as contributing to the photography and packaging of products.  His creative and mechanical skills are great assets and bring welcome insight to the logistics of the business.