Puppets & Pretend Play

Reminiscence is all about storytelling, and what better way to prompt a story than the sight, sound or feel of your subject.  We have hand-picked items specifically for their quality and subject matter but are always adding to this category!  We chose Folkmanis puppets because we believe they are the best, with the highest quality, and many are so lifelike.


Folkmanis® Statement of Toy Safety

All Folkmanis® puppets are produced in China under stringent quality guidelines so that they can meet the safety requirements of European Union EN- 71 Toys (Safety) Regulations of 1995, which are generally stricter than the U.S. standards. We test to the European Union standards because we have marketed our puppets in Europe for many years.

New U.S. toy safety legislation (CPSIA) regarding printed warnings for small parts as well as new limits on lead content is going into effect in November 2008. Our designs do not incorporate small parts and are tested to assure this. We have tested our products under the European Union standards since 1994 to assure that the levels of lead are below 90 ppm. In the U.S., the new rules will not require a similar (below 100 ppm) standard until August of 2011. At that time, Folkmanis, Inc. will have already met that standard for seventeen years.

The new toy safety rules will require that phthalate levels in toys be regulated. The European Union regulated phthalates several years ago and Folkmanis has tested all materials (such as vinyl-like fabrics and soft plastics), in our puppets to assure that they comply.

Beginning in February 2009, the standard of safety testing for toys entering the U.S. will be the U.S. ASTM F963 toy safety specifications. Folkmanis, Inc. is requiring this testing to begin in November, 2008 so that we will be prepared.

A system of self-certification is required under the new rules. We have produced a certificate for each of our products that were received after November 15, 2008 and these are available here.