Sensory Bottle (Unsealed) with 1.25 cups of colored rice filler


Build your own sensory bottle.  Includes one unsealed sensory bottle with 1.25 cups of colored rice


  • 2" x 8.75"
  • 16 oz
  • PET and PP 

Our hand-colored rice is a great filler for your sensory bottles.  This is the same rice that we use in our Busy Bottles.   Pair it with loose parts and tools such as bowls, scoopers, spoons and it will provide hours of entertainment. 

Rice is dyed with food coloring, water and white vinegar.

Care Instructions - Store colored rice in the provided package or in your own sealed container. It will last for a long time if kept dry.  Do not add water to rice, do not cook, heat, or eat rice.  Rice is for decorative use only.

The amount of rice filler you use in your bottles depends on the objects you are using.  Most of our bottles use 1.25 cups of rice.  It is important to leave open space in your bottles so that the objects can move around.  If the bottle is too full objects will have difficulty moving around which makes it hard for the end user to find objects. If you are using miniature figurines or larger objects you may want to reduce your rice so they can move more freely.