Reminiscence Therapy - Our Favorite Collection DVD & Photo/Activity Card Set


Favorite Things – Our Favorite Collection DVD & Photo/Activity Card Set

Favorite Things is a series of DVDs and photo/activity cards created for the enjoyment of those with dementia, their caregivers and family in order to provide comfort and inspire connections and conversation through reminiscence.

Through reminiscence we find comfort in our favorite things and form connections with people and the past.  Our Favorite Collection contains a DVD for each of our four favorite collections, with five separate videos on each of the 4 DVDs.  Soothing and happy background music provides comfort and brings joy to your environment.

Videos included the following four DVDs:

  1. Favorite Things - Patriotic Collection: Total play time: 1:46:23
    1. The Military 27:54, 2. Red, White and Blue 14:11, 3. Independence Day 24:05, 4. Veterans & Memorial 19:04, 5. Patriotic Mix 21:09
  2. Favorite Things - Farm Collection: Total play time: 1:37:01
    1.  Barns:  21:59, 2.  Farm Fields:  19:56, 3.  Tractors:  21:16, 4. Vegetable Gardens:  19:51, 5.  Farm Mix Video:  15:19

  3.  Favorite Things - Dog Collection: Total play time: 1:48:081. Sleepy Dogs (21:03m) 2. Dogs (23:07m)3. Puppies (21:40m) 4. Doggie Play (19:38m) and bonus dog mix video (23:00m)

  4. Favorite Things - Cats Collection: Total DVD Play Time – 1:35:05 1. Cat Nap (19:27m) 2. Cats & Kittens (36:35m) 3. Big Cats (30:42m) 4. Cats in Action (18:41m) and bonus cat mix video (15:32m)

Use the simple graphic menus on your DVD player or can be played on a computer using its DVD player.  If used on a touch screen capable computer the menu buttons are responsive to touch.  The slideshows on these DVDs include not only colorful photographs, but also video clips all of which are enhanced with background music with the option to mute. 

Favorite Things Companion Photo & Activity Cards - Each  DVD is accompanied by a matching set of photo & activity cards.  The sets include 32 double sided photo cards, of which there are 8 for each of the four categories in the corresponding season. You also receive 8 companion activity cards which include activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas for a total of 16 activities. The cards are of high quality 120# stock and laminated for extra protection. The extra large cards measure 5 x 7" each with rounded corners. The deck includes an instruction card and is housed in a plastic snap case.

    Reminiscence with categorized pictures and activities
    Use for individual or group reminiscence
    For use in memory care, assisted living, nursing home

Both DVDs and cards are full retail versions of our products.  The four sets of cards and four DVDs are housed in a plastic storage case.