Memory Play - Flower Garden Busy Bottle
Memory Play - Flower Garden Busy Bottle

Memory Play - Flower Garden Busy Bottle

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The pictures say it all.  A memory bottle full of flower garden things for you to SPY and mark off on the laminated card.  Have fun reminiscing having an entire flower garden or a potted plant.  Whether planting, weeding, or enjoying the harvest, this is a fun bottle for you.  Have fun with a crossword puzzle and reminiscing using the conversation starting questions on the laminated cards.  

This is a great addition to our Spring and Summer Collections!

About Memory Play:

We are excited to add a fun way to play while also reminiscing.  We have combined the fun of I-Spy as a fun way to search out, recognize, and identify objects within a designated theme.  The mix of colorful rice and objects changes with each turn.

In addition to the fun of I-Spy, we include 2 laminated cards which offer reminiscence questions, conversation starters, and of course a grid of objects in the bottle which can be marked off with the included dry erase marker.  We also include a second activity, which changes with the theme.

Bottle can be shaken but we recommend rolling for unsteady hands, limited strength or motor skills.  Have fun and enjoy the fun individually or within a small group.  

Includes: Memory bottle, laminated activity card with pictured items, laminated card with activity and one dry erase marker.

Assembly:  Bottles are permanently sealed for safety.  Activity sheets are laminated for quick cleanup and sanitation. 

Safety: Designed for adult use but may be used by children.  (See safety label). 

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