Reminiscence Therapy - Nature Collection (no sound)

Favorite Things Nature DVD is a collection of eight photo slideshows of many of the aspects of nature. This DVD includes the beauty of Flowers, Birds, the Sun and Moon, along with a variety of Landscapes and the mix of rural Farm Life with not just the views, but the animals and farm buildings. It also brings you the ability to take a walk or a drive and experience through the eyes of our talented photographers.

The individual slide shows are easily accessed through our simple menu in which the user selects the collection and it automatically launches and loops the video for continuous play. Returning to the main menu for another category is as simple as pressing the MENU button on your remote. Our easy to use DVD menu lets you watch and switch between different collections and each of these collections include approximately fifty high quality photographs with a twenty second refresh rate through fading to the next picture. The automatic continuous looping allows you to utilize the DVD in unattended mode in a lobby or multipurpose recreation or activity room.

We believe that connections can be made between those with dementia and those who love and care for them through pictures of things that they love and identify with. These same pictures can provide comfort and promote reminiscence. Through our products we provide collections of common and creative themes and continue our progress towards custom and deeply meaningful products at reasonable prices.

Each gallery on the DVD includes a series of 50 high quality photographs which rotate in a slide show with a fade effect at approximately 20 seconds for each photo. Once one of the eight individual galleries are selected the slideshow will play continuously in a loop until another is selected. In creating the galleries caregivers provided their input to ensure that the DVD did not have open ended pictures that could stress or worry those with dementia because there was no ending point.

Favorite Things DVD is intentionally designed with no sound. Research, reviews and feedback determined not to use music or background sound so that the collection can better suit those in a group setting such as a multipurpose or activity room setting. Sounds or music that enchant one person may irritate another. In an individual setting the person or caregiver can add sound specific to the person or people enjoying the show.

An interesting byproduct of the DVD is the subliminal affect it can have on others. Having a collection playing gives a focal point for those who view it, even if unintentionally. This a focal point may help to start a discussion through reminiscence, which is really is important, but making a connection to someone through something you can both identify with is also powerful. Viewing pictures of things that you love or care about, and having the ability to take yourself outside of your current element (such as the go for a walk collection), can bring comfort and positive emotions.