Deluxe MEGA Memory Kit - A Day at the Beach (Surf Edition)


Our Deluxe MEGA Memory Kit includes all of the items in the original, plus our Favorite Things Summer DVD with Photo & Activity Cards

Our MEGA Memory Kits offer plenty of activities for a small group, family, or individual.  Set aside enough time to have fun while reminiscing a day at the beach, surfing in the ocean, or just lounging in the sunshine and listening to the waves.

Our biggest bag is clear so that you can see all of the contents, and also includes a sheet that shows pictures of the contents and a check off list so that they can returned to the bag after use.  The kit also includes a large durable tag.  The tag includes kit identification on one side and is resealable so that you can add your own information to the tag.

We pride ourselves both creating and sourcing products and activities that are age appropriate rather than childish, represent a broad variety of people and situations, all while remaining dignified while in use.  But most of all, they are fun and promote conversation and reminiscence, bringing joy to those who participate or observe.

Our "Day at the Beach" Kit (Surf Version) includes the following items (also sold separately)

Clear Storage Tote

Suitcase Series - Surf Shack

Vintage Surfer "Woodie" Truck

63 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Beach Fun

Tropical Coloring Pack with Dry Markers & Erasers

Beach Busy Bottle in Zipper Case with Marker & Eraser

Laminated checklist of kit contents.

Clear Durable Identification Tag