Library/Facility Zip Pack - DELUXE - The 1960s DVD & Photo/Activity Cards Kit


This special DELUXE 1960s Favorite Things Kit includes four of our own products, including:

     Favorite Things 1960s Reminiscence DVD - This collection brings together all things from the 1960s decades.  Whether fashion, classic cars, trends, decor, or events, the collection has it all.   Enjoy music from the decade with an upbeat mix.  Instrumental background music matches the mood or activity level of each video.

    Individual slide shows are easily accessed through our simple menu in which the user selects the collection and it automatically launches and loops the video for continuous play. Returning to the main menu for another category is as simple as pressing the MENU button on your remote. Our easy to use DVD menu lets you watch and switch between different videos and includes a mix of approximately fifty high quality photographs, videos and background music with a 17.5 second refresh rate while fading to the next picture or video. The automatic continuous looping allows you to utilize the DVD in unattended mode in a lobby or multipurpose, recreation or activity room. Favorite Things - 1960s Collections: 1. 1960s Cars (21:43m) 2. 1960s Fashion (24:52m) 3. 1950s Mix (31:48) for a total play time of 1:18:23.  

    The Favorite Things series was created to provide comfort and inspire connections and conversation through reminiscence. Person centered categorization allows caregiver or individual to use simple menus to using their DVD player or can be played on a computer using its DVD player.  If used on a touch screen capable computer, the menu buttons are responsive to touch.  The slideshows on this DVD include not only colorful photographs, but also video clips all of which are enhanced with background music with the option to mute. Also shipping are the companion photo cards which included activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas. 

        Reminiscence with categorized pictures
        Use for individual or group reminiscence
        For use in memory care, assisted living, nursing home
        Dementia friendly pictures, simple menus, use interactively or run in a loop
        Mix of photos and video clips blended with background music

    Favorite Things Companion Photo Cards - The 1960s Collection accompanies the DVD and can be used independently from the DVD. The set includes 12 double sided Remembering the 1960s cards which feature a vintage photo along with historic information and description.  There are also 12 double sided reminiscence photo cards and 16 double sided 1960s fashion cards which includes a matching activity.  The cards are of high quality stock and laminated for extra protection. The extra large cards measure 5 x 7" each with rounded corners. The deck includes an instruction card and is housed in a plastic snap case.

     1960s Menus and Memories Booklet

    This 24 page collection of mementos is a great conversation starter.  It includes reproduction menus from the 1960s some of which are pizza, hometown grill, and supper club.  From the outdoor game of Jarts, to Clackers and all things lucite, we know that you smile at the memories.  

    With classic 1960s buttons and love beads, you may recall just how groovy you were!

    8.5" x 11" 

    Printed in the USA

    The 1960s Decade Kardlet

    Rewind KardLets are the latest tangible versions of #flashbackfriday and #throwbackthursday! Designed to capture the essence of each decade and inspired by those who are passionate about nostalgia. The 1960s Decade KardLet is a glossy coated 32-page time capsule highlighting the best from the past.

    The 1960s 32-page KardLet features:

    • Vintage color ads from the specific decade
    • Decade stats and leaders
    • Sport champions
    • World and national news
    • Top music, movies & TV shows
    • Iconic cars of the decade
    • Cost of living charts
    • Baby names of the decade
    • Fun facts from every year within the decade

    So pause the present and rewind to the best of the past!


    Measures 7" x 11"
    Printed in USA