Caterpillar (CAT) Matching Game


Enjoy challenging your memory and having fun with the Caterpillar Matching Game by MasterPieces. This game is perfect for family game night. It includes 18 matching pairs featuring Caterpillar's most popular construction vehicles and equipment. Improve your memory by taking on this challenge and have fun trying to find the pairs. Collect the most matches by the end of the game, and you win! The CAT Matching Game is for ages 3+, making it perfect for kids and families. It's sure to be a hit and you'll have a blast competing to find the most matches!

So get ready for some fun and entertainment with the Caterpillar Matching Game by MasterPieces. Can you remember where the match is? Officially Licensed CAT product.

Perfect for reminiscing a career or interest in heavy equipment or construction. 

• Made in China

• Weight: 1 lb