Breast Cancer Awareness Sensory Bottle (Buttons, Beads & Baubles)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we have come up with a limited edition bottle for those who are currently fighting it, surviving it, or supporting others with it.  Whether in a waiting room, bedside, or a general activity, this will keep you busy for some time.  Of course the theme is pink but it is also filled with hope, love and inspirational items as well.  
This is a limited edition bottle. Proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation.
Whether you call them Busy Bottles, Button Bottles, calming bottles, or sensory bottles, they are a lot of fun.  On top of that they are great as boredom busters, keep curious minds occupied and provide a relaxing activity.  Our bottles are filled with buttons, beads, miniature items and embellishments which are not only colorful but make a soothing sound as turned.  
We have added an activity sheet to our button bottles as well, and are including the sheet along with our Busy Bottle eraser and dry erase marker.
Bottles can be rolled or turned and include a handle on one end to help those who want a better grip to turn the bottle.  Because the bottles are filled with beads and buttons, they are not meant to be used as rattles or shaken vigorously.