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Assistex Matching Game Activity Board - Dementia Activities for Seniors - Memory Games for Adults with Alzheimers - Memory Loss and Alzheimers Activities - Matching Card Memory Games for Seniors

Product Description

Expertly Crafted and Therapist-Tested: Our dementia activities for seniors have been meticulously crafted and rigorously tested by certified occupational therapists who specialize in nursing homes and memory care facilities. Their valuable insights and expertise ensure that this isn't just another set of memory games for adults; it's a scientifically designed cognitive tool. Large, Visible Images for Easy Recognition: When it comes to Alzheimers activities, visibility is key, especially for those with vision limitations. Our dementia products address this issue by featuring large, vibrant images on all 37 cards. These images not only facilitate memory retention but are also designed for easy recognition, ensuring they are well-suited activities for adults with dementia. Promotes Dexterity and Hand-Eye Coordination: In addition to serving as effective memory games for seniors, our product also doubles as a practical exercise tool for improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The thickness and shape of the cards make them easy to hold, while the specially designed dents on the boards add an element of tactile engagement.

About this item

  • Perfect Memory Care Dementia Activities for Seniors: Looking for a thoughtful way to engage and stimulate the elderly loved ones in your life? This matching picture game is designed to serve as an excellent memory care activity for seniors, including those with dementia and Alzheimer's. The set comes with 5 boards featuring 37 visually stimulating cards across various themes such as flowers, trees, ocean life, pets, and birds.

  • Age-Appropriate Acitivites for Adults with Dementia: Say goodbye to boring or childish dementia products for elderly adults. Our cards are age-appropriate and feature vibrant, high-resolution images that captivate the eyes and the mind. The lively colors and intricate designs will not only keep seniors entertained but also engage their memory and cognitive functions.

  • Thick, Easy-to-Hold Cards: Unlike traditional paper-based Alzheimers products and memory games for adults, our matching picture cards are designed to be thick for easy handling. This is a game changer for elderly seniors who may have issues with grip or tactile sensitivity. The quality construction ensures the cards are easy to pick up and place, making it a stress-free and enjoyable memory game for seniors with dementia.

  • Innovative Design for Frustration-Free Play: Each board in the set features a specially designed dent to securely hold the matching cards in place. This prevents the cards from shifting or falling over during gameplay, making it easier for seniors to concentrate on the activity rather than worrying about the setup.

  • Flyers and Alzheimers Activities Book Included: In addition to the matching card game, the set also includes 5 flyers filled with conversation prompts and fun facts related to each theme. Plus, our 45+ activity ideas book will keep the fun going, offering various ways to engage with the cards and boards.

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