1970s Rewind Decade Kardlet


Rewind KardLets are the latest tangible versions of #flashbackfriday and #throwbackthursday! Designed to capture the essence of each decade and inspired by those who are passionate about nostalgia. The 1970s Decade KardLet is a glossy coated 32-page time capsule highlighting the best from the past.

The 1970s 32-page KardLet features:

  • Vintage color ads from the specific decade
  • Decade stats and leaders
  • Sport champions
  • World and national news
  • Top music, movies & TV shows
  • Iconic cars of the decade
  • Cost of living charts
  • Baby names of the decade
  • Fun facts from every year within the decade

So pause the present and rewind to the best of the past!


Measures 7" x 11"
Printed in USA