Pets Reminiscence LOADED Backpack

$229.99 $254.94
$229.99 $254.94you save $24.95

We have taken our clear backpack and loaded it up with the following Remembering Pets themed reminiscence activities and products.  They complement each other and provide a mix of reminiscence opportunities through sights, sounds, and touch.  Items in the loaded backpack are available separately as well but we have packed it up for you along with extra savings. Full price of items when purchased separately is $ 254.94.  

Contents include:

Favorite Things Remembering Pets Collection DVD

BiFolkal Remembering Pets Sing along CD and Story DVD with guide booklet

Favorite Things Remembering Pets Photo & Activity Card Set

Favorite Things Pet Activity Pack

Petting Zoo Busy Bottle - Memory Play

Follow the links to see the specifics on each item.  While we call this our loaded backpack there is still room inside for a few books!  


SIZE: 15 inch X 12 inch X 6 inch
Weight: 14.5 Ounces
Color: Clear