Our Four Seasons Loaded Backpack Set is a limited edition offering! The color coordinated backpacks are not sold separately.

Each season backpack includes the following items in the theme of the season, and all are color coordinated. Click on the links below to see details of all of the included items. 

  • Colored Backpack
  • Front Pocket - Favorite Things Individual Season DVD with Corresponding Photo/Activity Cards 
  • Zipper Case inside of backpack includes:
    • Individual Season Busy Bottle with I-Spy Activity card, Corresponding Buttons and Baubles Bottle with Activity Card
    • One blue and one black dry erase markers with two dry erasers
  • Plastic folder with loop and hook closure inside of backpack includes:
    • 18 Laminated 8.5" x 11" Activities
  • Inside of backpack you will find an 8.5 x 11" itemized list of contents to aid in returns and repacking. 


Spring Loaded Backpack with Pink sensory bottle

Summer Loaded Backpack with Green sensory bottle

Autumn Loaded Backpack with Yellow and Orange sensory bottle

Winter Loaded Backpack with Blue sensory bottle