Library/Facility Pack - Reminiscence Therapy - Handyman DVD with Photo & Activity Cards


Favorite Things – Handyman Collection Photo & Activity Cards

We have added a case for our Handyman Collection to assist in shelving the kit in libraries or on your bookshelves.  The case is the perfect addition to the kit when it will be checked out by patrons or travel between facilities. 

We offer two different cases, they are the same price. 

The first is the Large Snap Case:


  • Clear
  • 12.1" x 12.9" x 1.6" (30.73cm x 32.77cm x 4.06cm)
  • Polypropylene
  • Acid free

    The second case is our Medium Handle Case with Lock Option:

    It offers the option to lock the case with a tie wrap or lock.

    The easy to grip, molded-in handles and sliding, lockable latches provide secure storage and transport.


    • 10.25 x 3.25 x 9.625
    • Deep Base
    • Lockable
    • Acid Free
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Medium Handle Case with Lock Option

    Favorite Things is a series created for the enjoyment of those with dementia, their caregivers and family in order to provide comfort and inspire connections and conversation through reminiscence.

    Through reminiscence we find comfort in our favorite things and form connections with people and the past.  The Handyman Collection brings with it the fond memories of home ownership and the hard work of upkeep.  Whether crafting a heirloom piece of furniture, or pulling weeds, each experience is an investment in time which makes your house a home.  If you learned to change your own oil, or helped out in changing a flat tire, share experiences while reminiscing.

    The Handyman Collection features Yardwork, Woodworking, Family Mechanic and Home Maintenance.

    Favorite Things Companion Photo Cards - They accompany the Handyman DVD and can be used independently from the DVD. The set includes 32 double sided photo cards (8 double sided cards for each of the 4 Handyman Collections). In addition to the 32 photo cards you will receive 8 double sided companion activity cards which include activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas for a total of 16 activities. The cards are of high quality stock and laminated for extra protection. The extra large cards measure 5 x 7" each with rounded corners. The deck includes an instruction card and is housed in a plastic snap case.

        Reminiscence with categorized pictures and activities
        Use for individual or group reminiscence
        For use in memory care, assisted living, nursing home

    Videos included on this DVD (Total play time of 1:32:00):

    1. Yardwork - (20:14)
    2. Home Maintenance (20:29)
    3. Family Mechanic (17:47)
    4. Woodworking (19:26)

    5: Bonus Video: Handyman Mix video (18:04)

    Use the simple graphic menus on your DVD player or can be played on a computer using its DVD player.  If used on a touch screen capable computer the menu buttons are responsive to touch.  The slideshows on this DVD include not only colorful photographs, but also video clips all of which are enhanced with background music with the option to mute.

    Also shipping are Favorite Things – Handyman Collection companion photo cards which included activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas.