Northwest Regional Library System in Ohio offers MEternally & Bi-Folkal Products

May 29, 2021Sally Inglett

Memory Kits   

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Memory Kits are designed to help older adults experience the joy of reminiscing about the past sharing their past experiences. Memory kits also offer younger audiences a new perspective on history and prompt the exchange of experiences in intergenerational groups. Kits designed by Bi-Folkal Productions and MEternally are available for use by library staff.

NEW in 2020! Each MEternally Kit includes a DVD containing a mix of approximately 50 high quality photographs, videos and background music with an average 17.5 second refresh rate while fading to the next picture or video. The automatic continuous looping allows you to utilize the DVD in unattended mode in a lobby, multipurpose, recreation, activity room or anywhere you have a DVD Player. Kits also include a set of 32 double sided photo cards, 8 companion activity cards which include activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas for a total of 16 activities.

B-Folkal Program Kits provide captivating, informing, and stimulating activities for older adults. Focusing on reminiscence, remembering, and reflecting, each kit is designed to unlock remarkable stories, humorous anecdotes, and first-person accounts of history, experience, and life. The kits include an audio-visual presentation (DVD/CD), audio to sing along with plus stories or mood music, booklets, things to touch, skits or jokes, and a how-to-do-it guide with instructions on how to get a program going.

Bi-Folkal Mini-Kits prompt the same memories as the complete Bi-Folkal program kits, but they're designed for a shorter program. With the Mini-Kit, presenters have to gather most of the things to touch, and they have to make their own photocopies.

Bi-Folkal SLIDEAS volumes include a variety of topics that each come with 20 slides and a Leader's Guide, which includes a script to read along with the slides, discussion questions, program ideas, and suggested resources.

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