National Association of Activity Professionals 2022 Conference

National Association of Activity Professionals 2022 Conference

Apr 07, 2022Sally Inglett

We had a great time at the conference this year.  It was so nice to see old friends and make new ones after several years of virtual trade shows.  We rolled out our new line of Busy Bottles - (I Spy) to the activity professionals and had a great response.

It was fun to watch the bottles in the hands of the professionals and get feedback about how they will use them.  It was also interesting to listen to them talk about which person would connect with which bottle and different ways that they could be used.

We also unveiled our new line of sensory Busy Bottles that are filled with buttons, beads, baubles and other fun things which make them not only colorful but beautiful and fun.  Turn the bottle to find the hidden key in each bottle.  Also, try to stack buttons, or strategically move objects through hoops and obstacles.  The turning of the bottles creates rather soothing sounds from the different types of contents.

These bottles are based on color schemes, but we have added a groovy bottle full of fun colors along with many groovy items including a mood ring.  We also have a "dude bottle" filled with fun guy items as well.

We look forward to more trade shows this year and getting feedback in person and meeting so many new people.  



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