Introducing Trinket Sensory Play

Introducing Trinket Sensory Play

Jun 11, 2024Sally Inglett

Here is a first peek of our Trinket Shuffle Squares!

We were waiting until we attended the National Association of Activity Professionals conference in April 2024 before we officially launch this product line.  We wanted to get first hand input from the professionals to make our new line of sensory/sorting games and puzzle activities the best!  We currently have beta products in the hands of testers and are compiling feedback to make the final tweaks.  Stay tuned for the launch in June 2024!


Cognitive Stimulation: Sorting by color engages visual perception and memory.
Fine Motor Skills: Picking up and placing the items helps maintain dexterity.
Social Interaction: Discussing colors and memories promotes socialization.
Sensory Stimulation: Textures and shapes provide variety and interest.


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