Fox River Valley Libraries - Introduce Reminiscence Kits for Caregivers!

Jul 27, 2021Sally Inglett

Fox River Valley Libraries are one of the first libraries to roll out our new and more compact library cases with handles.  Check out how they labeled their individual contents.  Well Done!


Reminiscence Kits for Caregivers

(From the Fox River Valley Libraries Website)

The Fox River Valley Public Library is happy to introduce our new collection of Caregiver Kits.  These kits focus on reminiscence which has been proven to provide comfort and inspire connections and conversation.  People with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often lose their short-term memories, but the long-term memories will often “float to the surface” when the person is reminiscing.

“Reminiscence benefits not only those with dementia. When we tell people about our lives, we are sharing our history and our identity. By viewing photo collections, we initiate conversations about our favorite things and share our life stories with others. This allows us to reflect on the things and people in our present and past. By doing so we are preserving and sharing our history and reflecting on our worth and the importance of our own existence.”

The kits are very simple and easy to use.  They consist of 32 double sided photo cards, 8 activity cards and a slow play DVD. 

The DVD includes a mix of approximately fifty high quality photographs, videos, and background music with a 17.5 second refresh rate while fading to the next picture or video. 

The activity cards include activity options, Q&A, trivia, and conversation starting ideas for a total of 16 activities. The cards are of high-quality stock and laminated for extra protection. The extra-large cards measure 5 x 7" each with rounded corners. The deck includes an instruction card and is housed in a plastic snap case.


We have five kits in our collection.  Dogs, Cats, Spring, Great Outdoors and Patriotic.


Click here to view the kits in our catalog.

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